True Cat Comics

ARCHIVE:  this is the spot for previously run comics (at least for a while)-- such as the multiple pages of a serial. CLICK ON EACH PAGE TO ENLARGE FOR READING.

One-page story telling why Purrrzac is such a remarkable cat!

“Teaching Tool” page 1 and 2. Never underestimate the resourcefulness of a mother cat!

The three-page story of “The Cat Who Thought He Could Bark.” The tale of a cat with an identity problem!

Pushkin’s ghost story!

(Epilogue of “A Very Fine Cat,” below)

A happy cat family with a showbiz connection.

Never open your mouth in front of a hungry cat!

All four pages  of “Play Kitty”-- Purrrzac again. All about the different types of kitty personality... petting kitties and play kitties. The things you learn about cats!

Catless in Seattle--at least for a short time!

Sneakers: the feline heroine!

This kitty is a mighty hunter!

All three pages of “Cats Happen.”

Othello’s Story: two cats and their special bond!

©2001 Roberta Gregory

“A Very Fine Cat” in its entirety, including the epilogue on last page.

Calling Dr. Singer!

Purrrzac’s posthumous visit.

This is an older cat toon about the time Donna and I went to visit a gift store in Port Townsend, Washington and met the Store Cat who let us know who REALLY ran the place!