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Tell me something about your cat!

Yes, send me your cat story, if you want to share! I have collected more than I have been able to draw, so far, but I hope to have more time soon. Did you cat do something truly unusual (you think)? Have you witnessed a mother cat teaching her kittens adult cat skills, or other ‘ordinary’ cat behavior that is really quite special? Or is your kitty endearingly ‘typical’ of cats in general, which is a statement in itself? Do you have a special relationship or deep communication with a particular kitty? Did you watch your cat do something really funny-- or uncanny? Did you witness your cat learn something-- or did you feel you learned something from your cat? Or, simply, is there a beloved cat you miss, and you want to tell the world how remarkable she was?

Over the years as I was collecting and drawing these stories, I would ask people, “Tell me something about your cat” and get some very interesting cat tales. Before, I had already been telling stories about my OWN kitties and realized collecting these stories was something like cat research--besides letting the world know about cats and the folks who love them, relationships which would otherwise fade with time, photos which would be lost, and kitties who would be forgotten when their person passed away, themselves. So, please send me your cat story, and (no guarantees-- I have only so much time and energy) I will do my best either draw it or share it on this website somehow... it is a work in progress! Try to keep it short, 100-200 words, but I have also been intrigued by longer stories and drawn up to five pages. And of course my own stories are rather long. You do not have to be a professional writer, or know how to break the stories down into comic panels: I can do that with simple paragraphs of writing.

Anything you send may be put on the website unless you specifically say not to. If I decide to draw your story, I will send you an agreement to sign and return saying it is OK for me to print (in a book) or put your story on the web, or use it in a reading. I don’t have a publisher for the book yet, and I don’t know what they would wish to do about compensation, (and I may be the publisher, myself!) but I know that at least you will be given the original art pages I have drawn of your story! 

So-- Tell me something about your cat!

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